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Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) at the University of Tennessee at Martin was established in 1973 and is a service organization not intended to compete with any other student organization.

The SAC is to be of service to potential students, fellow undergraduates and UT Martin faculty and staff in the promotion of the university.

The SAC is designed to help in the development of a better student-alumni relationship

Students making Captain Skyhawk sign

Homecoming Week

SAC is directly involved in the planning and execution of homecoming week. Catch one our members at every event from Rope Pull to the big game.

I Heart UTM Week

I Heart UTM Week is the grand finale of the school year! Being a new SAC member, you will have the opportunity to participate in several events showing everyone why you love UTM!

Extra! Extra!

We also have other events throughout the school year that promote student-alumni engagement like hanging out with the chancellor, helping Captain deliver treats to Skyhawks, or even thanking alumni for their generosity!

Continue the Legacy… Join SAC!

Student can apply on Runway. Recruitment begins every January.

Meet the 2023-2024 Student Alumni Council

Michael Armour

Vice President & Diversity Chair
Hannah Davis

Macy Carman

I Heart UTM Chair
Carter Vandrasik

Homecoming Chair
Gemiah Bell

Social Media Chair
Mackenzie Smith

Aaron Bann
Alyssa Wade
Anna Blanton
Anna Goldsby
Anndee Haley
Austin Dunagan
Brandon Jones
Carly White
Dany Poff
Ellie Friedmann
Em Conyer
Faith Johnson
Faith Pilkington
Hannah Tinker
Iman Ahmed
Jackson Hughes

JaKiya Bond
Jasmine Wellington
Joana Aguirre
Jodi Cranford
Karenna Rainey
Kassidy Harris
Langston Patrick
Lauren Breland
Libby Rushton
Madeleine Griffey
Madeline Kilpatrick
Micayla Hickman
Parker Ferrell
Sallie Bundrant
Sloan Bearden